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Ramsay Almighty( Dear Winter) - Interview - #Welcometothek

Ramsay Almighty Interview

1) First off who is Ramsay, the artist.
 Ramsay is a creative, Ramsay is an entertainer,  Ramsay is a culture shaker. I'm here to shake up the game and give it a breath of fresh air and most importantly, be unfuckwittable. 

2) which artist or persons influenced you as a artist.
I grew up in a time where music was rapidly changing. I mostly gravitated to Jay Z and his cool swagger. Kanye taught me about being confident in ones ideas and creativity. Pharrell inspired melodies and colours. Kid Cudi gave me harmony.

3) Based in the Kitchener Waterloo area what are the barrier in gaining creditable recognition in the world as a hip hop you feel yourself and Canadian artist may get overlooked.
The city I'm from isn't really known. I mean we're the city that invented Black Berry phones, also the city that brought the world Lennox Lewis. But the general doesn't know about that shit. Being a musician from this city makes me an underdog, people love underdogs so it's not that bad. But I still find it difficult sometimes getting certain people to fuck with me because the world sees canada as just Toronto. Thats why I feel its important for someone like me to make it, to put on for all the people who don't come from these popular cities, I'm trying to spark the next generation of thinkers and creatives and show them "Hey Kid, it doesn't matter where you're from, its about where you're going to go, so keep moving"

5) 3 Must have in a studio session.
 This is a good question ahah. I'll say this in no order.  PartyNextDoor, Drake, Mike Will Made It

6)a) whats it the title of your project.
The Title of the project is "Dear Winter" It's an ep with about 6 songs. Still cutting down to this day, originally made about 12 songs for it.

6)b)With your project set to be released on the 6, what are your goals for this release? (influence,sales,marketing,ect.)
 I originally had in mind for it to be released the sixth, but certain things came up that I had to push the project back a bit. I still plan on having it drop in December. I have some good people that are going to help it get heard, Slava P of Noisey is a fan, nuff said!

7) whats producers and or features can we expect of this project.
I work with my fam, we tight knit. I have production from Nova, and some other new up coming producers who will be making their debut with me, excited for people to hear those. One feature but I don't want to give that away yet, but it's a dope ass song that people are to rock with, I know it.

8) What can the listeners expect from this project,sound,concepts,lyrics,content,ect.?
The sound is me but more advanced, I'm progressing on a different rate, I understand what this game is, I want to win. I called it Dear Winter, the sounds are going to be cold, but not R&B type slow vibes. I want to give the Canadian listeners a sound that makes them feel at home, and give the world our sound.

9) Now that your project is complete is there anything you would have don different in regard to pre or post production
 Everything was executed the way we wanted, we take our time with it but we don't waste time. I'm already focused on Summer 2015.

10)Whats is Next for Ramsay following this release, Projects,Videos,Features,Shows,ect?
We're going to have some new videos soon, I'm a director at heart. I also have another project done and ready going to drop early 2015

11) Do you have management representation?
The internet is my manager haha. But for real, we got a tight knit team and we discuss everything at a round table. 

12) How does one get in touch with you for features,interviews,bookings,ect.?
Best way to get in touch is my email -  I try to hit back as much people, as long as theyre genuine, I can tell when people are just trying to come up quick, I dont fuck with people who exploit talent for their benefit, I'm about making us all win, its more fun that way.

13) As a young black man your thought on Ferguson and the latest Situation in New york.
 It's heart breaking, it shouldn't be this way. I also hate how the media is making it out to be some type of entertainment, this is the real world, these are real lives. I encourage our next generation to look past out history and ignorance and start accepting each other. Knowledge is power. I actually hope to be able to speak on this at a later time, we need to get out of this cycle of negativity, we shouldn't be fighting each other.

15) Contacts ie: Website,twitter,instagram, facebook, + all your social media outlets.

16) Shoutouts: 
 Shoutouts: To everyone that continues to do what they love, time is the greatest luxury, use it and do good.

Support you local artist,Ramsay is a perfect example of someone who has taken the time to learn the steps of the industry and apply them to his formula,creating his own path to success. Dear winter EP out NOW Go Get It!!

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